Posted on Oct 16, 2018
This photo was taken at the Matter Gala that we attended in St. Louis Park. These gals are from Johannesburg, South Africa. AnnaMarie (next to me) is a Rotarian!
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Posted on Oct 09, 2018
Contact information - in an effort to keep everyone informed.
Hello Ruth
The orphanage is supported Solely by this mega Lutheran Church in Las Vegas.
Linda takes care of all their finances, she is to find you a Rotary club there in Liberia.
Before you passed this on would you make contact with her.
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Posted by Ruth Cyphers on Oct 09, 2018
Please find below the email I copied and pasted a chain of email. Read from the bottom up. Please click on the two links. One for photos of the children of the orphanage and the other a link to the tractor and corn sheller.
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