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On March 27th of 1922, 21 selected individuals decided to make formal application to charter the Fairmont Rotary Club. On April 3 they elected officers and the charter application was sent to RI on April 6, 1922.


  Harold E. Wade - President

  W. Lester Webb - Vice President

  Robert H. McCune - Secretary

  Seymour Frank Durga - Treasurer
  Mourits C. Mourtisen - Sergeant at Arms

  John F. Haeckel - Director

  Thomas H. Curtis - Director and Song Leader

  Roscoe C. Hunt - Director

  Fillmore A. Wentworth

  Emil C. Belina

  Ned R Bomboy

  Harry H. Canright

  Harry S. Fairley

  Elmore Houghtaling

  Frank F Huntting

  Wm. B. Milne
  Allen L. Moore

  Harry P. Sentman

  George A Sutherland

  Robert Wallace

  Herman Wehler


Other historical trivia:


Club # 1 - Chicago, IL - 1905

Club # 2 - San Francisco CA - 1908

Club # 3 - Oakland, CA - 1909

Club # 4 - Los Angelas, CA

Club # 5 - New York City, NY

Club # 6 - Boston, MA

Club # 7 - Tacoma, WA

Club # 8 - ?????

Club # 9 - Minneapolis, MN - Feb 18,1910

Club # 10 - St Paul, MN - Feb 19, 1910


1910 Sixteen Clubs existed

1911 First overseas clubs in Dublin, Ireland, Belfast, Ireland and London, England
1914 100th Club in Phoenix, AZ

1921 1000th club in York, England


There are three Fairmont Rotary Clubs in MN, NC, and WV


In 1935 Fairmont Rotary sponsored a new club in Mankato, MN


In 1936 Fairmont Rotary sponsored a new club in St James, MN


In 1936 Fairmont Rotary sucessfully challenged a RI redistricting to move the club to Iowa


In the 1940's Fairmont had "Ethel" as "our faithful pianist" to accompany the songs.


In 1941 was first referenced to Rotary Anns in Fairmont


1988 saw first women members of Fairmont Rotary - Dorothy Grotte and Ethyl Kiehl during John Lund's presidency.