Light of Hope Kenya
Sep 20, 2021 12:00 PM
Erin Quinn
Light of Hope Kenya

Mission of Light of Hope Kenya

Upholding a loving Christian environment, providing quality education, developing self-sustainability, and positively impacting our community.

We are committed to changing the world, one girl at a time – and we do it by empowering the passionate, ethical leaders of tomorrow.

We encourage our girls to take advantage of leadership opportunities, from taking charge as class prefects, sports team captains, study group and student body leaders. The older girls serve as mentors and tutors to the younger girls. They learn public speaking, how to use their gifts and skills as they participate in weekly worship services.

Our girls participate in community service projects in and around Naivasha, as well as here at Light of Hope Home & School, learning the importance of engaged citizenship.

We will place special emphasis on the 21st century skills our girls will need to actively engage in social, economic, and political life. All these things help them to advance into strong, confident girls.

Presentation equipment needed:

Introduction: Terry Malherek

Greeter: Patrick Justin