District Governor's Presentation
Jul 26, 2021 12:00 PM
Marianna Khauv
District Governor's Presentation
Marianna Khauv has been a member of the Monticello Rotary Club since 1994 and served as its secretary, international service chair and Club President in 2012-2013.  She serves as a member of District Grant Committee from 2013-2019, and as Rotary District 5950 Area 13 Assistant Governor from 2016 to 2019.  
Marianna was born in Taiwan and immigrated to United States with her parents at age thirteen.  She did not speak any English and was amazed with the new culture and new environment, especially SNOW and Below zero temperature!  
Marianna and her husband, Onn Khauv, have settled in Monticello since 1991 where they raised their three daughters, Malinda Amanda and Olivia.  Monticello then was a small town with population about 4,000.  Marianna and Onn’s restaurant were embraced by the local residents.  With the success of their businesses, they soon start finding ways to volunteer to give back to the community.  “The more we give back, the more we benefit from it, it is a vicious circle!” said Marianna.  Her theme as the Chair of Monticello Chamber of Commerce in 1999 was “U” & “I” working in “Unity” for a better “CommUnIty”.  This has been Marianna’s focus in her Rotary world, both locally & globally.  
Together, with the help from Rotary Clubs of Alexandria, Buffalo, St. Michael & Albertville, and Monticello, she was able to build a total of three libraries for schools in rural villages of Cambodia where there were no running water nor electricity.  To Marianna, it is a true testimony of the power of Rotary -working together!